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Basics of Warehouse Management

Dr Vijay Sangam, 13:53, 04 Jan 2014

Warehousing Management is part of a logistics management business process, which is itself is a facet of supply chain management. The general perception of the Warehouse is simply a place to store finished goods; semi-finished goods and raw material, inbound functions that prepare items for storage and feed manufacturing line and outbound functions that consolidate, pack and ship orders in order to provide important economic and service benefits to both the business and its customers. In my opinion Warehouse Management (WM) is not given required attention with the advent of Supply Chain.   Warehouse Management is considered as back-end job.  In my opinion, the WM is fundamental to supply chain success.  The flow of material is very critical to supply chain and the flow is seamlessly managed by the Warehouse.  WM is a science and an inefficient Warehouse or a process could cause disasters to the business.  This is a rudimentary attempt to familiarise the WH functions and its intricacies.  Hope you enjoy the same and I sincerely appreciate your feedback.

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